hen hilton

Animal Houses

As I start to see my new chicken coop, the “Hen Hilton”,  take form, I have wondered if it might be going a little too far in the name poultry comfort.  Then I picked up my copy of Lucinda Lambton’s Beastly Buildings and realized that my chicken house is quite modest in comparison to her collection of animal palaces.

            My almost completed "Hen Hilton"

Beastly Buildings is a National Trust guide to architecture for animals.  In summary, a photographic collection of historic structures built for the livestock and birds of the British aristocracy…..from cow castles to pig palaces, a lord or duke (or frequently lady) in the kingdom built one.

A pyramid henhouse

Castle built to house the estate cows and flanked by two dovecote towers

A "simple" shed plan for song birds

Happy horse...happy life

The pet excess went on even after the animals were deceased…..monuments were created to dogs, horses and even in one case a pet pig.

Copies of Beastly Buildings can still be purchased from Amazon, and Lucinda Lambton’s new bookPalaces for Pigs is now available and  on my must order list.